Curb Covid-19 with VSC visibility tools.

Protect your work force, your distribution system and society with swift and decisive action informed by timely, accurate data.

Hyper-vigilance is key to protecting the people who put themselves at risk to ensure delivery of the essentials needed to sustain society. Now, more than ever, exact and immediate information relating to your drivers, their routes, and the people they meet, is necessary to guide speedy, focussed reactions that will safeguard our society from the rampant spread of the virus.

VSC’s visibility tools allow you to trace your drivers and their interactions with others during deliveries. The detailed data you receive, provided in real time, facilitates the fast and targeted action which is vital in our fight against the Corona virus.

Why place emphasis on distributor interactions?

  • Distributors are on the frontline
  • Healthcare systems will be under strain
  • Early warning of symptoms will be required
  • Targeted, accurate testing and screening is needed

How can using VSC’s visibility platforms improve testing and screening accuracy?

  • Provides a time-stamped record of all locations serviced, whether planned or unplanned
  • Provides historic reporting of driver and crew interactions
  • Alerts distributors of staff with Covid-19-related symptoms

What can distributors do to ensure this traceability is available in their organisations?

  • Ensure all movements are expedited systematically
  • Ensure all movements have the staff details accurately captured
  • Add the Covid-19 symptoms check list pre- and post trip inspections
  • Discuss these and other additional visibility initiatives, such as electronic access control for staff, visitors and suppliers, with VSC

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