Route To Market Strategies For Africa

Essentially Route To Market is how you, the manufacturer or wholesaler, deliver your goods to the retail outlet that sells your product.

A Route To Market strategy is also known as a Trade Marketing And Distribution Strategy or a Sales Execution Strategy.  Whatever you choose to name this strategy it is vital to your businesses success.

The more efficient your Route To Market strategy and implementation, the lower your transport costs and the happier your retail customer and the consumer.

Having products delivered efficiently means that shelves are never empty and that the carrying capacity of your stock by a retail outlet can be lower. Both improve the retailer’s bottom line.

Moving goods around Africa is very different to First World countries.

Apart from the fact that Africa has a very large informal retail sector who operate very differently to formalised outlets, there are other geopolitical factors that need to be considered.

Strike action and protests, poor road conditions, high accident rates, long distances, limited vehicle repair and maintenance facilities, slow border crossings and dangerous areas make route planning a lot more complex.

Optimising Route To Market in Africa

VSC Solutions have a highly-experienced team of consultants that understand the complexities of Africa and have formulated proven methodologies and market-leading modelling tools to improve distribution and sales networks.

Grant Marshbank, CEO of VSC Solutions, says, “Our advanced route planning and optimisation technologies are interactive and user-friendly, and designed to improve daily planning and service delivery while monitoring the cost-effectiveness of your transportation strategy.”

A big part of the VCS Solutions strategy is that they provide meaningful, actionable information that allows the Route To Market strategy to adapt to Africa’s idiosyncrasies.

The advantages of an optimised Route To Market strategy are enormous.  Time and cost saving are the obvious results but customer satisfaction thanks to on time deliveries are a less obvious long term benefit too.

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