The VSC Fleet Management module – know the costs of operating your fleet

fleet management

The VSC Fleet Management Module is the latest offering from VSC Smart Supply Chains.

Andreas Maritz, Strategic Growth Executive at VSC says, “We have found that many of our clients do not know the actual cost of managing their fleet or elements of their fleet and so we developed this module.”

It is designed to provide visibility of all assets, both fixed and disposable, with their associated expenses throughout their life cycle.

“We designed the Fleet Management Module to allow third party systems such as SAP ERPs to have seamless data transmission and synchronization.  It goes without saying that other VSC Portal modules including VSC Mobile and other workflow applications integrate with the module too,” adds Andreas.


All assets are listed on the system and they can be grouped and sorted by different categories such as vehicles, trailers, forklifts etc. Connected to each asset are all the acquisition and disposal costs.

“The module allows for the asset’s licenses, permits and COF’s with their related costs to be connected to each asset. The automated expiry date notifications are particularly useful,” says Andreas.

Andreas says, “Just as licensing notifications are automated so too are maintenance intervals with configurable reminders and automated notifications.”

Other documentation such as infringements and toll gates can also be connected to each asset.

These functions make the management of the asset easier but it is the expenditure vs budget section that allows for costs to be monitored and controlled. Items such as tyres and accessories may be allocated to vehicles and drivers allowing for cost management and traceability

“One of the long term benefits of this module is that it allows management  to determine which assets performed best and thus provides improved asset procurement decisions based on comparing different asset type life cycle costs,” says Andreas.

If you would like more information or a demonstration of the VCS Fleet Management Module please contact Andreas Maritz, Strategic Growth Executive, on 072 049 5824 or

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