The VSC Network – An Ecosystem Of Partners

VSC Smart Supply Chains are leaders in identifying the optimal supply chain configuration for companies with distribution networks.

The management of this optimal supply chain is conducted through the VSC Portal which provides a single sign-on modular web portal for each component of the supply chain, underpinned by the Knowledge Integration Network (KIN).

The KIN is an enterprise level integration platform that serves as an extension of the IoT and offers any-to-any integration capabilities between customers and their trading partners, to extract maximum value up and down the supply chain.

Because of this any-to-any integration VSC has a well-established partner network whose unique services help to make the VSC Portal and the resultant optimized supply chain all the more effective.

Partner Network

The VSC extended network includes:

Sales Capability Development – The development of the knowledge required to sell, the skills needed to apply that knowledge and the attitude with which the sales transaction is conducted, supported by a system to manage the sales tasks.

Market Surveys and Retail Census – Locating and Geomapping every potential sales outlet in a particular region and determining their potential to specific products.

Driver Behavior Analysis and Training – Monitoring each drivers ability and actions and conducting training to ensure that they work within the green zone.

Telematics and Accessories – The integrated use of telecommunications and informatics, enables organizations to collect and analyze valuable data from vehicles, assets, and equipment

Inventory Optimisation – Identifying the optimal trade off of the competing costs of warehousing and transportation.

Warehouse Management – The simplification of tracking stock from receiving to pick, pack and ship.

Omnichannel Point of Sale – Streamlining the integration of offline and internet sales channels and thus reaching your customers wherever they are—online, offline, and on the go seamlessly.

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