A Route To Market Strategy for Traditional Trade – Van Sales or Pre-sell

The Traditional Trade market in Africa is huge and cannot be overlooked (see Reaching Africa’s Traditional Trade).  It does, however, come with its own nuances and these need to be understood and managed (see Characteristics Of Traditional Trade That Require Special Consideration). Andreas Maritz, Strategic Growth Executive at VSC says, “In the fast-moving consumer goods…


Characteristics Of Traditional Trade That Require Special Consideration

In our previous article we identified the size and importance of Traditional Trade and that many of these outlets have been geo-mapped. Geo-mapping is essential for planning accurately, understanding impact of delivery changes, building sales rep routes and measuring planned vs. actual routes. Knowing where an outlet is located is essential to distribution but what…


Africa – A Breeding Ground For Complex Logistical System

When viewing the infrastructure development index of countries around the world, of the 30 least developed countries, 22 of them are African and included in these are the economic power houses of Nigeria and Ethiopia. Africa’s vast infrastructure deficit is a major constraint on its growth and development.  This dearth of infrastructure is most visible…


VSC Smart Supply Chains are geared to make a significant contribution to ESG.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is becoming increasingly important for businesses, not least because of current and forthcoming legislation. Andreas Maritz, Strategic Growth Executive at VSC Smart Supply Chains, says, “Environmental criteria considers how a company safeguards the environment, inclusive of corporate policies that address for example, carbon emissions and climate change. Social criteria examine…


The VSC Network – An Ecosystem Of Partners

VSC Smart Supply Chains are leaders in identifying the optimal supply chain configuration for companies with distribution networks. The management of this optimal supply chain is conducted through the VSC Portal which provides a single sign-on modular web portal for each component of the supply chain, underpinned by the Knowledge Integration Network (KIN). The KIN…


Leveraging Network Modelling for Optimal Supply Chain Configuration and Cost Evaluation

network modelling

VSC Smart Supply Chains employ advanced network modelling techniques to configure the optimum supply chain for their customers. By considering elements such as supplier strategy, manufacturing policies, warehousing and depot configuration, transportation policies, customer policies, and inventory levels, VSC Smart Supply Chains empower companies to make informed decisions that maximize savings without compromising service quality….


Connecting Investments with Efficiency and Expertise through Telematics


Telematics, the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics, enables organizations to collect and analyze valuable data from vehicles, assets, and equipment. In today’s rapidly evolving world, businesses across various industries are increasingly turning to telematics solutions to enhance their operations and maximize efficiency. Telematics forms one part of the internet of things and is used…


Sales Call Cycle Optimization

Ensuring that a team of sales representatives are able to service a company’s client base effectively is no easy matter.  Knowing how many sales representatives are required to service the market can be difficult to determine without very careful planning. There are a host of considerations that will impact on how and where a sales…


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