VSc’s strategic approach to optimizing supply chain operations is culminated in the holistic offering of uniquely designed and sourced solutions. Based on our extensive experience in the supply chain industry and drive for innovative technology we have been able to streamline processes for significant cost and time benefits by offering a stand-alone product with the ability to integrate with other solution components in the supply chain process. The advantage of this approach is the phased adaption of new technologies in an ever evolving environment.

Predic-t Daily Route Manager

Predicting the right route

VSc’s Predic-t solution compares your planned routes with the location information and makes the information available to you through a web-based Daily Route Manager (DRM) interface. The planned vs. actual information is displayed in a Gantt Chart format and can also be viewed on a map.

Various exceptions are generated to alert you of potential problems with your vehicles and routes, while a number of reports are available to be extracted, providing daily weekly and monthly information.

The benefits of Predic-t include real-time visibility of route execution, improved depot departure and turnaround times, improved customer turnaround times, KPI reporting and Routing and Scheduling.

From a Business Intelligence and Analysis Reporting Standpoint, Predic-t’s route compliance offers:

  • Route compliance.
  • Real-time visibility of route execution.
  • Management Dashboard with drill down.
  • Improved depot departure and turn around.
  • Improved customer turnaround times.
  • Automated driver debrief (Plan vs. Actual).
  • Geo-coding of customer.
  • KPI Reporting.
  • Routing and Scheduling.
  • Yard Management – Servicing.

Bay Management

Bay Management

Schedule, streamline and oversee

The Bay Management solution from VSc will streamline your bays, reducing vehicle standing times and allowing you to determine and schedule warehouse picking and vehicle loading times for on time route departure. The solution lets you view your current bay load/offload status, keeping you in touch with all inbound and outbound vehicles currently present in the yard.

The solution is capable of, amongst other attributes, defining customised depot/yard/bay configurations, giving you a visual overview of the current loading statuses of the bays and defining special purpose bays (i.e. cold storage) and prompts for incompatibility with vehicle types. VSc’s Bay Management solution will streamline your yard, allowing you to service your customers quicker and more efficiently.

Route Planner RS (Roadshow)

Enhancing order fulfilment

The Route Planner RS solution will help you to determine how to deliver orders efficiently while maximising customer service. An accurate ‘least cost’ route is based on real road networks, allowing for better fleet capacity management, improved customer services levels, increased utilisation of resources and vehicles along with reductions in overtime, running costs, your operating fleet and ad-hoc fleets.

Roadshow leverages market-proven algorithms and geographic network modelling capabilities to enhance the order fulfilment process. The operational abilities of Route Planner RS include:

Dynamic Route Optimisation

  • Creates least cost routes for execution 
  • Enhances fleet capacity utilisation
  • Improves time window management
  • Minimises distance travelled, stop duration and fuel usage
  • Reduces fleet size necessary to service orders
  • Improves customer service and retention by facilitating arrival and departure times

Master Route Optimisation

  • Creates optimum number of balanced static (vehicles, weight, time, customers) routes.
  • Different models suitable to different industries.


Motion Route Planning

Cut on costs, improve your service

 Our routing and scheduling solution will dramatically decrease the time your business spends planning and assigning vehicles to routes and schedules, offering improved customer service through more accurate delivery times and tighter delivery windows. Costs are kept to a minimum in three areas:

  • Reductions in transport resources including vehicle fleet size reductions
  • Lower vehicle mileage and fuel costs through more efficient routing
  • Lower labour costs

With multiple vehicle types and multiple territories, the VSc route planning solution offers a world class, easy-to-use system with centrally hosted data storage and processing and capabilities which include configurable customer offload rates, adjustable route start times and trip sheets to streamline the pre-planning of your fleet’s movements from the comfort of your desk.



Revolutionise the way you service your customers

ePOD from VSc is a powerful Delivery Management System which automates your delivery operation, customer service reporting and billing operations to improve service levels streamline administration and present indisputable documentation to your customers for timely payments.

With ePOD, stock loss on the road is reduced, errors are cut down and billing is accurate. Customer service levels can also be clearly and easily monitored. Working via a PDA-based Driver Management system, accurate, real-time information is shared between the driver and your appropriate departments, ensuring fast, accurate invoicing and improved customer service.


Cage Control

Managing, checking, reporting

The VSc Cage Control solution allows you to keep abreast of the status of your cages from anywhere, at any time.

Real time consignment status tracking (from picking and checking through to delivery) allows you to keep up to date with the consignment movement, track stock losses and time the tracking per status. A visual representation of the status of the cages (Empty; Cage Issue, Cage Confirm; Pick; Check; Doc Control and Release) affords real-time checking on your handheld device. The VSc Cage Control solution will ensure order fulfilment, staff compliancy and a reduction in stock loss.

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