Order Management

Complete control over orders at all levels
Within the online VSC Portal, the Order Management module connects customers and suppliers, integrating different roles and improving speed and accuracy. Full transparency is provided and the live dashboard feature enhances overall management of the process. The platform supports both high and low volume orders and also caters for first and second tier relationships.

what Order Management delivers

Central Management

View, accept, pend, back order and interact with orders centrally. Your end customer, and suppliers are always in the loop.

Digitisation of Business Processes

Your business logic is catered for to ensure synergy between systems and users.

Accelerating Processes

Create or interact with electronic waybills, shipping notices, delivery notes and credit notes centrally.

Data Integrity & Accuracy

Direct integration combined with a unique rules engine ensures data accuracy at all times.

End-to-End Visibility

Enjoy unparalleled downstream and upstream visibility for all connected parties.

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