Route execution - daily route manager (drm)

Hit the road with confidence
Call shotgun on every truck in your fleet with our Daily Route Manager. This sophisticated platform integrates various route planning solutions with in-field hardware to compare the planned route to the actual route in real time. Measure operational execution and driver performance proactively.

what route execution delivers

Real-time Route Monitoring

An in-the-moment comparison of the actual route taken by a driver versus the planned route.

Ongoing Info Gathering

Continuous provision of information into the planning solution for master data management.

Measuring KPIs

Data is translated in the here and now to report in an easy-to-read fashion against specific KPIs.

Enabling Quality Customer Service

Up-to-date and accurate information improves customer service levels and communication.

One-stop for Data

Integration with many telematics and tracking service providers brings all info to one platform.

Exception Based Management

Manage standard and critical events as and when they occur, by exception.

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