Route optimisation

Plan your way to savings
Fewer kilometres, fewer vehicles, delivery group synergies, and equal driver workloads can save you from 5 to 25% in transportation costs. VSC’s advanced route planning and optimisation technologies are interactive and user-friendly, and designed to improve daily planning and service delivery while monitoring the cost-effectiveness of your transportation strategy.

what ROUTE optimisation delivers

Cost Reduction

The efficiencies of informed decisions deliver reduced fixed and variable distribution costs.

More Efficient Routes

Save on fuel and vehicle wear and tear using the best route available at any given time.

More Deliveries in Less Time

Coordination and deployment of resources based on historic and real-time data.

More On-time Deliveries

Forecasting and immediate knowledge of issues as they arise ensures prompt remediation.

Reduced Overtime

Route efficiencies and co-ordinated tasks lead to less time on the road and less after-hours driving.

Reduced Workloads

Accurate info relating to driving hours per person steer allocation of tasks towards equal opportunity.

Reduced Planning Time

Presentation of fully-interpreted, highly usable data costs less hours daily, weekly and monthly.

Increased Customer Service

Closing the gap planned and actual service delivery to exceed customer expectation.

Better Overall Control & Visibility

Meaningful, actionable information made available to you just when you need it.

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