Always know where you are
Crucial information about your vehicles – where they are and how they’re behaving – is seamlessly integrated into our portal. Real-time GPS location-based data is plotted against planned routes to intelligently manage your fleet. In addition, optional on-board diagnostic tools are available to monitor, among other things, temperature, engine management and cargo doors.

what Telematics & Accessories delivers

Real-time Visibility

Accurate GPS locations, sent via GSM and compared to the planned route to highlight exceptions.

Vehicle Telematics

Monitor speeding, excessive acceleration, harsh braking, excessive idling and other driving behaviours.

Monitor Triggers

Use inputs and outputs to monitor specific triggers on the vehicle: panic buttons, PTO switches, etc.

Driver Identification

Monitor and manage driver behaviour.

Temperature Sensors

Accurately measure the temperature of the holding of your cold chain cargo fleet.

Door Sensors

Keep an eye on passenger and cargo doors to ascertain the time and location of unauthorised opening and closing.

Battery Power Management

Ensure the power level of the additional internal battery lasts as long as possible.

Data Reports

Benefit from a wealth of detailed information about the vehicle and the trip it makes.

Accident Reconstruction

Information to reproduce an accident second-by-second, providing a full understanding of the incident.

Statistical Information

Data relating to the vehicle, the trip, and any incidents along the way; provided in an easy-to-read format.

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