Complete order control at all levels

Have complete control over every aspect of customer orders and take your customer service to the next level.

Your core business is customer service. Guaranteeing orders are executed timeously and without unnecessary complications
and delays is what will set you apart from the rest.

The VSC Order Solution is a locally developed, hosted and fully integrated web-based module nested within our VSC Portal.
It can be used from any web enabled device, by anyone in your organisation. Our Order Solution is ideal for manufacturers,
1st and 2nd tier suppliers, transportation providers and any other vested party throughout the supply chain.

Complete control for all stakeholders, and unparalleled downstream visibility:

Manufacturers are able to place orders on their first tier supplier bases and first tier suppliers are able to place
orders on their 2nd tier suppliers, thereby providing all stakeholders with exceptional controls needed to
mitigate supply related risks.
This unique configuration allows for unparalleled downstream visibility for the manufacturer and bi-directional
visibility for the first tier supplier.

Interact directly with customer data centrally, ensuring accuracy and data integrity at all times:

  • Accept, pend and back order any items
  • Generate waybills and shipping notices
  • Obtain electronic goods received notices
  • Interact with credit requests
  • Record stock on hand
  • Integrate with ERP, WMS and any other system as needed
  • BI dashboards and reports – can be configured to user specific needs
  • Simple to use interface with built in filters, search boxes and sort functions
  • Access to the VSC Palm mobile workflow application

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