Real Time Delivery Visibility Portal – Know exactly when your delivery will arrive

Real Time Delivery Visibility Portal – Know exactly when your delivery will arrive

The revolutionary Just-In-Time management philosophy first implemented by Toyota in the 1970’s has become the norm of today.  Businesses and consumers now expect that shelves will always be full and no product will ever be unavailable.

Technology has made this far more achievable today than in the ‘70s but, as most supply chain managers know, there are many more challenges today than there were 50 years ago.

Factors impacting supply chain management

Some factors have a direct impact on perfectly timed deliveries and others are more macro in their effect.  The challenges also vary from country to country and region to region.

Strike action and civil strife, traffic congestion resulting from sporting or social events, accidents, road works, climatic affects such as flooding, heavy snow storms or fog are good examples of events that cause immediate disruption.

On a more global scale rising cost, increased competition, the need to gain insights from data, political decisions and conflict all have far reaching if a slightly slower impact.

VSC Smart Supply Chains use digital solutions to meet the challenges

Andreas Maritz, Strategic Growth Executiveat VSC Smart Supply Chains, says, “We create user cutting edge digital platforms that make optimal use of all that the latest advances in technology has to offer.”

Cutting edge technology are words that a bandied about frequently by many companies but they are not always correctly understood.  In reality, a business has to be highly specialized to be at the forefront of its field.

“At VSC Smart Supply Chains we make use of every available technological resource to provide a platform that saves our clients time and money by improving visibility and the access to information for real time decision making. The use of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data have placed us at the forefront of our industry,” adds Andreas.

Real Time Delivery Visibility Portal

VSC Smart Supply Chains have developed a Real Time Delivery Visibility Portal, namely the Virtual Supply Chain, that allows all distribution stakeholders, from senders to recipients, to track the progress of their order.

Andreas says “Upon dispatch a message is automatically sent to the retail receiver’s cellphone with the ETA that constantly updated based on route progress.  Depending on the sender’s risk appetite, the receiver can open the link to see additional information about the delivery and can watch the delivery vehicles progress on a map.”

The Real Time Delivery Visibility Portal contains the vehicle registration number and the driver’s name too.  The ETA of the vehicle is regularly updated.  In addition, the receiver is also sent a QR code which the driver of the delivery vehicle scans on arrival to confirm that the delivery has taken place.

Andreas adds, “We know that this a big time saver as one of our biggest customers was able to reduce inbound calls to their call centers by thirty percent, since the receiving customer is always in the loop and knows exactly when their order will arrive.”

If you would like more information or a demonstration of the VCS Smart Supply Chains’ a Real Time Delivery Visibility Portal please contact Andreas Maritz, Strategic Growth Executive, on 072 049 5824 or

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