The VSC Sales Rep Application will help you improve customer service and maximise sales

Sales representatives require a particular personality which cannot be taught or trained.  They are great at interacting with others, building personal relationships and of course selling.

Ensuring that your sales representatives have the best sales tools available to them allows them to focus on what they are good at.

Time spent tracking customer information, completing documentation and finding leads limits the potential and reach of your sales reps. As a personality type, sales representatives usually despise paperwork and administration.

VSC’s new Sales Rep application removes all unnecessary admin and creates complete transparency, allowing for the effective and efficient management of your sales representatives, their leads and customers as well as your services and products.

What the VSC Sales Rep App offers

Firstly, a user friendly Interactive Dashboard And Calendar ensures that leads are consistently tracked and appointments kept all measured against the Key performance Indicators.

The helpful lead sub-statuses and notifications means that potential leads do not go unnoticed and the customisable contact report menus provide a methodical approach to the capture of all critical contact information.

The automated quotes, appointments and follow-up date alerts reduce administration further by ensuring customers, sales representatives and even executive managers stay constantly informed of sales performance.  All the correspondence may also be customised to suite the users brand and needs.

A simple import function allows all users to keep track of master data such as customer, contracts and products.  This system can be directly integrated with your ERP and CRM or other relevant systems.

Management will be please to know that all Activity Logs and Reports are available on demand.

The benefits to your sales team are:

  • Improvement in customer service through careful management of their customer base and appointments
  • Reduced sales costs and improved sales turnover by maximising effectiveness
  • Reduction of administrative overheads through automated features
  • Addition of marketing flexibility at a reduced cost
  • Quick data access and collection process
  • Opportunity for insightful planning
  • Stronger internal team relationships

Sales Representatives now have more time and information to do what they do best and management can track their progress in real time.

For more information contact Grant Marshbank, CEO of VSC Smart Supply Chains, on 072 241 1811 or email

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